Virus Buster Filter

Virus Buster Filter

Prevent of the coronavirus spreads through air conditioner

Because the indoor air will be recirculated when air conditioners are used, and droplets may spread further due to air movement.

CAZ is a copper ion bonded natural polymer fiber developed and produced by MediFiber, and is the only fiber material that has a strong ionic bonding with copper upto 50,000 ppm.

Oligodynamic Action :

A biocidal effect of metals, where even in low concentrations metal ions kill microorganisms by disrupting their metabolic activity. Copper, gold, silver, platinum, aluminum, mercury, nickel, cobalt, zinc exhibit this property. Silver has sterilizing properties, and copper exerts the strongest effect of killing viruses.

Laboratory Testing for Effectiveness against COVID-19

CAZ Products



Easy Application

  • For all devices that create air circulation such air cooler/heaters, air purifiers, air curtains, stick the VIRUS BUSTER FILTER to air return grille.
  • Adjust size of VIRUS BUSTER FILTER by cutting it with a pair of scissors to better fit your device.


  • Ceiling Mounted AC : 60cm x 60cm
  • Floor Standing AC, Wall Mounted AC : 120cm x 30cm, 120cm x 60cm
  • Weight : 70 gram/m2
  • Remove after : when filter becomes too contaminated with dust.

: CAZ’s virus inactivation function does not deteriorate over time.

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